Ray Morose

Patterns and Connective Referencing

This is the latest in an ongoing series of essays authored by Ray Morose in which he details the human condition and expounds upon how one can pierce the veils and uncover and live one’s true essence. His sometimes difficult intellectual approach is extremely metaphorical and, much like a koan, stretches the reader’s mind and opens it to new ways of conceptualizing the world in which it finds itself. He employs his own terminology, largely bereft of the labels so common in spirituality, and his language often jars like a wooden wheeled trip on cobblestone roods. In the process, he shakes out the dross and tightens mental structure.

Economics for People and Earth: The Auroville Case 1968-2008

This book provides fascinating insights into the challenges, creativity and commitment of the Aurovilians in building a collective economy based on the visions of universal harmony, human unity and individual flourishing. It contains original and excellent research on four decades of development, dealing not only with the economic history but also the forms of employment and work in and around Auroville. It discusses in detail the unique features of Auroville’s financial structure including the notion and practice of ownership, the role of money, the patterns of production and distribution and the sustainability of the ‘economic model’. The book is highly recommended for those who are interested in understanding the complexities of pursuing alternative and participatory forms of communal living.

La Filosofia dell’Evoluzione di Rod Hemsell

La Filosofia dell’Evoluzione (Italian)

Come presentata qui, La Filosofia dell’Evoluzione è un compendio di lezioni presentate da Rod Hemsell presso l’Università dell’Unità Umana ad Auroville nel 2008, 2009, 2012 e 2013. La spinta principale nello yoga di Sri Aurobindo è sempre stata verso una partecipazione attiva all’evoluzione umana e questo è il concetto che ha fissato e definito fin dall’inizio la differenza dello yoga di Sri Aurobindo e della Madre da tutti gli altri. Con la sua vasta conoscenza della filosofia e del pensiero di numerosi filosofi, e la sua familiarità con la scienza attuale, Rod è in grado di guidare il lettore attraverso lo sviluppo del pensiero in queste discipline e ci mostra il luogo che Sri Aurobindo, precursore illuminato, ci ha indicato come prossimo obiettivo. Queste lezioni non sono una salita difficile o noiosa verso altezze rarefatte, piuttosto, sono esplorazioni istruttive dei campi base più ampi che circondano il monte; è lasciato a Sri Aurobindo ed alla Madre la guida alla nostra ascesa. Tuttavia, con questa esplorazione della terra ferma, diventiamo sempre più sicuri che le nostre Guide verso le cime innevate in realtà sanno di che cosa parlano. Questa versione in lingua italiana riprende, su indicazione dell’autore, i capitoli più indicativi della versione originale inglese, che permettano comunque al lettore di seguire un filo conduttore lineare e chiaro del percorso di pensiero seguito da Rod Hemsell nelle sue letture.

Il Libro. Parole dagli scritti di Mère e Sri Aurobindo

Il Libro. Parole dagli scritti di Mère e Sri Aurobindo (Italian)

Questo è stato il primo libro in lingua italiana sulle opere di Sri Aurobindo e Mère, comparso nel 1972 ed oggi completamente esaurito. Approvato dalla Madre, che ne ha manoscritto il titolo, viene riproposto dalla Comunità Aurora del Centro Sri Aurobindo e Mère che provvede alla sua stampa nel 1998 in formato cartaceo. Il volume si divide in due parti. La prima contiene la traduzione di alcuni “Entretiens” che la Madre ha tenuto dal 1951 sino al 1958, tutti i mercoledì e i venerdì nella palestra scoperta, in quello che all’Ashram viene chiamato il “Play-ground”. La seconda parte contiene parole di Sri Aurobindo sulla Madre, su quello che è la Madre. Ora questo prezioso documento viene riproposto in formato ebook da Auro e-Books.

A.S. Dalal

[Authors] New page dedicated to A.S. Dalal and his books

A.S. Dalal is a graduate in philosophy from university of Poona. He is author and compiler of many books based on the works of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.

Auroville Today December Issue 305

Read in this issue: Heeding the Call: Sustainability for South India and Beyond; The Evolutionary Café; Matrimandir – a hymn to the builders of the future; Caring for Auroville – the Auroville Health Services; Auroville Council getting up steam; The sounds of Divine Harmony; Sri Aurobindo – Selected photos; One Asia 2014; News in brief.


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We need your help: we are looking for volunteers who could type and proofread Bengali text in unicode in in Sri Aurobindo’s works and other books.

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Two new upcoming Henri Bergson books

Two new upcoming Henri Bergson books: Creative Evolution and The Two Sources of Morality and Religion are Bergson’s four most highly regarded works.

Rod Hemsell

Two new upcoming Rod Hemsell books

Two new Rod Hemsell books are coming soon to Auro e-Books. The Philosophy of Evolution and The Philosophy of Religion are both collections of lectures given by Rod Hemsell at the University of Human Unity in Auroville between 2008 and 2013. Educator and author Rod Hemsell lived in Auroville and the Sri Aurobindo Ashram from 1968-1983. He travelled extensively and spoke at centers and universities in India on Auroville and Sri Aurobindo’s yoga philosophy, publishing a feature article on Auroville in the New Delhi Youth Times.

The Upanishads by Sri Aurobindo

Book Update: The Upanishads by Sri Aurobindo (free ebook)

We updated book “The Upanishads” by Sri Aurobindo in “Open Library” which presently available in epub, mobi and pdf formats. Added new PDF book format, re-worked book layout and designed custom Auro e-Books cover.

Gayatri Mantra Sri Aurobindo

Gayatri Mantra Sri Aurobindo

Gayatri Mantra Sri Aurobindo. Chanting. Explanaton of mantra’s meaning. History of mantra creation, Original handwritting. M.P. Pandit on Gayatri Mantra.

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Conversations with Sri Aurobindo by Pavitra

Book Update: Conversations with Sri Aurobindo by Pavitra (free ebook)

We updated book “Conversations with Sri Aurobindo” in “Open Library” which presently available in epub, mobi and pdf formats. Fixed broken links to ebook files, added pdf format, styles reformatting. “Conversations with Sri Aurobindo” is Pavitra’s personal diary where he was recording his meeting with Sri Aurobindo which were held from December 18, 1925 to November 20, 1926. Book starts from the description of the first meeting of Pavitra with Sri Aurobindo. Each entry of this unique diary revals new depths of wisdom and yogic experience which Sri Aurobindo shares with his disciple.

Book Update: Elements of Yoga by Sri Aurobindo (free ebook)

We updated book “Elements of Yoga” in “Open Library” which presently available in epub, mobi and pdf formats. Added pdf format, redesigned book cover, minor styles formatting. The “Elements of Yoga” is a compilation of Sri Aurobindo’s replies to elementary questions about Yoga raised by a disciple during the years 1933 to 1936.

Books Update: The Bhagavat Gita and The Riddle of this World by Sri Aurobindo

After receiving valuable feedback of readers of our website we updated two books The Bhagavat Gita, The Riddle of this World which presently available in epub, mobi and pdf formats.

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Dear Friends, we created a new page: Gallery Showcase of Book Covers created by Auro e-Books project. Enjoy !

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