The Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor

The Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor This work is a scholarly investigation of the origins and activities of The Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor. Of particular interest to the followers and admirers of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother is the light this work brings to the life and activities of the mysterious Max Theon, an occultist who […]

The Denial of Death by Ernest Becker

The Denial of Death Winner of the 1974 Pulitzer Prize and the culmination of Ernest Becker’s life’s work, The Denial of Death is one of the twentieth-century’s great works. In it Ernest Becker’s passionately seeks to understand the basis of human existence. Addressing the fundamental fact of existence as man’s refusal to acknowledge his own […]

Eckhart Tolle and Sri Aurobindo by A. S. Dalal

Eckhart Tolle and Sri Aurobindo A. S. Dalal, a philosopher, psychotherapist, long-time devotee of Sri Aurobindo and inmate of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, provides here an in depth investigation and discussion of the similarities and differences between the teachings of Eckhart Tolle and Sri Aurobindo. Although nearly one-hundred years separate these two great spiritual teachers, […]

Cosmology, Philosophy and Physics by Alexis Karpouzos

Cosmology, Philosophy and Physics The essays on this book are the notes from the e – learning courses that were given by the thinker Alexis Karpouzos during the winter of 2014. Students studying in London, Amsterdam, Berlin and Paris took part in the courses, which were held by the educational and cultural center “Think Lab”, […]

Universal Consciousness by Alexis Karpouzos

Universal Consciousness The central teaching of mysticism is that Everything is One, whereas from the side of rationalism the universe is Multiple. The essence of the mystical tradition is not a particular philosophical system, but the simple realization that the soul of any individual/existence is identified with the Absolute. A special feature of the mysticism […]

Sri Aurobindo His Life Unique by Rishabhchand

Sri Aurobindo His Life Unique A unique biography of Sri Aurobindo, which was written by Rishabhchand Samsukha in response to a request from The Mother, reviewed chapter by chapter by Nolini da, and translated by Andre Morisset for its bilingual publication at the Bulletin over the period of 10 years starting in 1960. The book […]

My Friend and Master by C.C. Dutt

My Friend and Master A Memoir by C.C. Dutt The book “My Friend and Master” is a personal account of Sri Aurobindo’s pre-Ashram days told by C.C.Dutt, who had been a revolutionary comrade and later became a spiritual disciple of Sri Aurobindo in his ashram. C.C. Dutt’s memoir carries the unmistakable direct presence of the […]

The English of Savitri Volume 3

The English of Savitri Volume 4

This is the fourth volume of the English of Savitri series based on transcripts of classes led by the author at Savitri Bhavan, in this case from October 8, 2015 to June 6, 2016. The transcripts have been carefully revised and edited for conciseness and clarity, while aiming to preserve the informal atmosphere of the course. This volume contains a summary of the two cantos of Book Nine of Sri Aurobindo’s epic Savitri – A Legend and a Symbol, followed by detailed explanations of the four Cantos of Book Ten, The Book of the Double Twilight. Each sentence is examined closely and explanations are given about vocabulary, sentence structure and imagery. The aim is to assist a deeper understanding and appreciation of the poem which the Mother has characterised as ‘the supreme revelation of Sri Aurobindo’s vision’.

Hindu Philosophy by Theos Bernard

Hindu Philosophy Who were India’s foremost thinkers? What systems did they establish? What problems have agitated the minds of India’s philosophers, intellectuals and mystics? Tersely and in pleasing style Dr. Bernard has answered these questions satisfactorily alike to the layman and the special student of India and her philosophic life without effecting a compromise with […]

The Golden Path: Interviews with Disciples of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother by Anie Nunnally

The Golden Path Interviews with Disciples of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother from the Sri Aurobindo Ashram and Auroville World-teachers Sri Aurobindo and The Mother have laid down a revolutionary spiritual path envisaging as its goal a Divine Life on earth. During their lifetimes, a growing number of people gathered around them to receive guidance […]

A Comparative Study of the Educational Philosophies of Sri Aurobindo and Maria Montessori

A Comparative Study of the Educational Philosophies of Sri Aurobindo and Maria Montessori In 1975, Aleta You Mastny wrote this dissertation, “A Comparative Study of the Educational Philosophies of Sri Aurobindo and Maria Montessori”, as a part of the requirements for her Doctor of Philosophy degree. In this paper, Mastny presents a detailed examination of […]

Death Dying and Beyond: The Science and Spirituality of Death

Death Dying and Beyond: The Science and Spirituality of Death Man’s paradoxical relation to death is that he sees the fact of death all around him, yet lives as if he were immortal. He may struggle to understand, wandering from the material scientist to the mystic in search of the secret meaning of death. In […]

The Future Evolution of Man

The Future Evolution of Man Man today is becoming poignantly aware of his power to influence for good or evil his own destiny. At this critical moment when he questions his future, we believe it important to present to the public the most significant passages from those books of Sri Aurobindo which deal with this […]

Talks with Sri Aurobindo by Nirodbaran (Volume 1 and 2)

Talks with Sri Aurobindo On the eve of the November Darshan Day in 1938, the hostile forces finally managed to strike a heavy blow against Sri Aurobindo. In the wee, dark, hours of the morning, Sri Aurobindo “stumbled” over a tiger skin rug in his apartment and struck his right knee upon the skull of […]

The Mother’s Vision

The Mother’s Vision This book contains a selection of the Mother’s conversations during the periods 1929-31 and 1950-58. Speaking to members of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram and students of its school, she drew upon her unique occult, spiritual and practical experience to answer their questions. The topics range from the spiritually elevated and philosophically complex […]

Light to Superlight

Light to Superlight There are twenty-six letters in this series, written between 1912 and 1921, all addressed to Sri Motilal Roy except the second one, which was to Anandrao. Sri Aurobindo’s letters of this period are not only of gripping national interest to his countrymen, but are of vaster importance to a greater humanity that […]

The Yoga of the Bhagavat Gita by Sri Krishna Prem

This book is a complete commentary on the Bhagavat Gita written by Sri Krishna Prem in 1937. This is a masterful presentation of the Gita, clearly written by one who knows whereof he speaks.

Wings of the Sea

Wings of the Sea – Miscellaneous writings and illustrations by Rod Hemsell from year 72-73 (2016-2017) of a life (including 14 short essays on ‘Savitri’).

50 Poems from Auroville

50 Poems from Auroville This is an anthology of 50 poems written in the last 50 years, as a gift and tribute to Auroville on the 50th anniversary of its founding on 28th February 1968. The poems are by Aurovilians, former Aurovilians and those involved with or who have been in some way touched by […]

Integral Yoga – Evolution Fast Forward III (video)

The video is a detailed exploration of our psychological parts of being as mapped by Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. All those who are interested in integral yoga psychology will find this video very useful in daily life.