Healing Sounds: The Power of Harmonics by Jonathan Goldman

Healing Sounds: The Power of Harmonics

Jonathan Goldman

Healing Sounds examines the capacity of sound to affect us on all levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. The concept of healing with music is very ancient. The Mystery Schools of Egypt, Greece and Rome undrestood that vibration is the fundamental active force in the universe and developed specific chants and tones for healing and achieving altered states of consciousness. There is no sound as pure as that of harmonics, and Healing Sounds is the first book to explain how to benefit from their profound healing and transformative powers from both the scientific and spiritual viewpoints. Overtone chanting – also called vocal harmonics – is the ability of the human voice to create two or more notes at the same time.

Healing Sounds explains to the reader how to perform vocal harmonics and experience their transformative and curative powers. Practical exercises, which are easy to follow and safe to use, show how to use sound in healing and meditation. The author also describes how listening to harmonics can be used as ‘sonic yoga’ for meditation and deep relaxation.

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Author: Jonathan Goldman
Print Length: 187
Publisher: Element
Book format: Pdf
Language: English

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  • Hermetic Harmonics
  • The Science of Harmonics
  • Harmonics in the Occult
  • Harmonics in Shamanism
  • Tantric Harmonics
  • Harmonics and Meditation: Listening as Transformation
  • Harmonics and Healing: The Medicine of the Future
  • Vowels as Mantras
  • The Fundamentals of Vocal Harmonics
  • Overtoning
  • Conclusion: One Final Fact


Healing Sounds: The Power of Harmonics

Harmonics are there and yet not there, tangible and yet not tangible. They are present and yet not noticed, until the shift begins to occur. First our hearing changes – we can perceive things that are hidden. Next, our voices change – we can create sounds that were not previously there. Then, our consciousness changes and other realities come into our awareness.

Healing Sounds focuses on the ability of harmonics to create vibrational changes. These changes may occur in the physical body, or in the mental, emotional and etheric bodies. When these changes occur, they initiate transformation and healing. The purpose of the book is to link interdisciplinary, multi-cultural, sacred and scientific approaches to sound through harmonics.

Harmonics display universal principles and are a constant in the various traditions and societies that use sound for healing and self-transformation. Through experiencing harmonics, we can learn a great deal about ourselves and the worlds around us. I trust you will find a resonance with them. I trust they will awaken something in you. They can be sacred, magical and truly transformational. I trust that in time you will ‘read between the lines’ and see the possibilities within possibilities in using sound. Some of the potentials are described in this book. I trust you will discover the other potentials yourself.

Harmonics have been and always will be a great inspiration to me. It is now apparent that many others also share this interest. Since the completion of this book, there continues to be a tremendous reawakening of interest in sound as a healing and transformative modality. In particular, a large portion of this interest has focused upon harmonics. Awareness and use of harmonics are truly expanding. This would not have occurred without the openness of the masters of vocal harmonics: the Tibetans, Mongolians and Tuvans.

About Author: Jonathan Goldman

Jonathan Goldman is director of The Sound Healers Association Inc. in Boulder, Colorado. U.S.A. He is also president of Spirit Music Inc., which produces meditational and healing music. He lectures and gives workshops throughout the world on the therapeutic and transformational uses of sound and music.


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  1. Amelia Wilde
    Amelia Wilde says:

    Thank you very much for sharing this important music book which recommend the frequencies which need to be played in order show the effects on mood and behavior. It is frequencies of music which affect the mood of person, therefore, it is very important to play the relaxing meditation music in which frequencies are properly filtered out.

  2. raymond hayward
    raymond hayward says:


    have always been interested in sound.of plants and animals and nature
    there are peacefull places
    where communion can occur
    hope to hear the messages in your books


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