Shri Krishnarvind (Gujarati)


Shri Krishnarvind

The book relates to experiences of Sri Aurobindo right from Ailpore Jail till the Mother’s Darshan on 29th Feb-1960, the first anniversary of Supramental Manifestation. The workings of Sri Krishna’s consciousness in Sri Aurobindo which was clearly described by Sri Aurobindo in His Works. The Mother too was in contact with Sri Krishna and was having an intimate & special relation with him. Descent of Sri Krishna’s consciousness into physical on 24th Nov 1926 is a proof of Sri Krishna’s active and dynamic participation in Earth evolution through Integral-Yoga. The book covers only important experiences/realisations of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo and more so subtle things happening during their sadhana with the help of Sri Krishna. Adoration/Bhakti towards Sri Krishna by the people at large will surely be attracted to Integral yoga if teachings of Sri Krishna and Sri Aurobindo can be synthesized. This is an attempt in that direction.

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Author: Kamlesh Mandavia ‘Shyam’
Print Length: 42
Book format: Pdf
Language: English
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The Mother’s Vision

The Mother’s Vision

This book contains a selection of the Mother’s conversations during the periods 1929-31 and 1950-58. Speaking to members of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram and students of its school, she drew upon her unique occult, spiritual and practical experience to answer their questions. The topics range from the spiritually elevated and philosophically complex to the practical and mundane. Taken as a whole, the conversations offer an uplifting vision of human existence. In the Mother’s view, we are destined to outgrow our limited ego-centric personalities, discover our true selves, and ultimately create a divine life on earth.

The compilation covers a broad range of subjects in considerable depth, taking up many issues that are rarely treated elsewhere. Yet the general tone of the conversations is informal and intimate. There are many long passages in which the Mother brings in personal anecdotes, side stories and touches of humour. As she speaks, her personality comes out and the reader becomes, as it were, a member of the class, listening as she instructs and guides those gathered before her.

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Author: The Mother (Mirra Alfassa)
Print Length: 629
Publisher: Sri Aurobindo Ashram
Original source:
Submitted by: House of the Mother’s Agenda
Book format: Pdf, ePub, mobi (Kindle)
Language: English
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Questions and Answers 1950–1951 (Collected Works of The Mother Volume 4)

Questions and Answers 1950–1951 (CWM Volume 4)

Questions and Answers 1950–1951

Collected Works of the Mother Volume 4

This volume consists of talks given by the Mother in 1950 and 1951 to the students of her French class as well as some sadhaks of the Ashram. She usually began by reading out a passage from one of her works or her French translation of one of Sri Aurobindo’s works, and then invited questions. During this period the Mother discussed several of her recent essays on education, her conversations of 1929, some letters of Sri Aurobindo and his small book The Mother.

It is worth tracing the origin of the Mother’s French class, in which these talks were given. The Ashram school was founded by the Mother in 1943, and by the end of the decade its first students had learned French fairly well. As more and more children joined the school, there were not enough teachers in French. When the new school year began in December 1950, the Mother decided to take the highest class in French three times a week. At first she spoke to the students and some of the teachers, but gradually many sadhaks of the Ashram were allowed to join the class. As a result, the questions they asked arose from many different levels of understanding.

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Questions and Answers 1929–1931 (Collected Works of The Mother Volume 3)


Questions and Answers 1929–1931

Collected Works of the Mother Volume 3

Conversations about Yoga and life. The Mother answered questions raised by disciples in 1929 and 1930–1931. The volume also includes her commentaries on The Dhammapada, with a translation of that text.

This volume includes two early collections of conversations by the Mother and her oral commentaries on the Dhammapada. The conversations were spoken in English; the commentaries were spoken in French and appear here in English translation.

Questions and Answers 1929. In 1929 the Mother met weekly with a small group of disciples. After a period of meditation she answered questions raised by them. Most of these questions were asked by an Englishwoman who was living in the Ashram at that time. One of those present noted down the conversations immediately afterwards and later sent a copy of fifteen of them to Sri Aurobindo, who revised them for publication. They were first brought out for private circulation in 1931.

Questions and Answers 1930-1931. During 1930 and 1931 the Mother spoke with a group of disciples who met with her in a room of the Ashram known as Prosperity. One of the participants recorded some of these conversations in abbreviated long-hand and later elaborated his notes. These reports were not revised by Sri Aurobindo or the Mother, but the Mother did approve of their publication and made a French translation. They were first published as a book in 1951.

Commentaries on the Dhammapada. The Mother gave these commentaries on the Buddhist teachings of the Dhammapada between August 1957 and September 1958. She was speaking to a large gathering of Ashram members and students of the Ashram school, members of her “Friday class” at the Ashram Playground. After reading out a chapter of the text, the Mother spoke about the points that interested her and then asked the class to meditate on them. She did not comment systematically on the Dhammapada verses, but she did cover most of the central ideas of the text.

Appendix to Questions and Answers 1929. This appendix contains Sri Aurobindo’s explanations of certain phrases and passages in Questions and Answers 1929. They were written to various disciples between 1933 and 1937.

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Prayers and Meditations (Collected Works of the Mother Volume 1)

Prayers And Meditations

Prayers And Meditations

Collected Works of the Mother Volume 1

Prayers and Meditations consists of extracts from the Mother’s spiritual diaries. Most of them are from the period 1912 to 1917. The 313 prayers reproduced here were selected by the Mother for publication. Written in French, they appear here in English translation.

A small collection of prayers — about one-fifth of the total — was brought out in English in 1941. Sri Aurobindo translated some of those prayers himself and, in the other cases, revised translations made by disciples.

This book comprises extracts from a diary written during years of intensive yogic discipline. It may serve as a spiritual guide to three principal categories of seekers: those who have undertaken self-mastery, those who want to find the road leading to the Divine, those who aspire to consecrate themselves more and more to the Divine Work. — The Mother

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l’Agenda de Mère (Tout le texte français)

l’Agenda de Mère

l’Agenda de Mère

Recueilli par Satprem, un disciple de Mère, au cours de nombreuses conversations personnelles avec elle, l’Agenda de Mère est le journal de bord complet de son exploration de la conscience cellulaire dans le corps humain. Il couvre 23 années des expériences de Mère qui sont parallèles à certaines des théories les plus récentes de la physique moderne, et sont peut-être la clé du passage de l’humanité vers l’espèce suivante.

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Il Libro. Parole dagli scritti di Mère e Sri Aurobindo (Italian)

Il Libro. Parole dagli scritti di Mère e Sri Aurobindo

Il Libro

Parole dagli scritti di Mère e Sri Aurobindo

Questo è stato il primo libro in lingua italiana sulle opere di Sri Aurobindo e Mère, comparso nel 1972 ed oggi completamente esaurito. Approvato dalla Madre, che ne ha manoscritto il titolo, viene riproposto dalla Comunità Aurora del Centro Sri Aurobindo e Mère che provvede alla sua stampa nel 1998 in formato cartaceo.

Il volume si divide in due parti. La prima contiene la traduzione di alcuni “Entretiens” che la Madre ha tenuto dal 1951 sino al 1958, tutti i mercoledì e i venerdì nella palestra scoperta, in quello che all’Ashram viene chiamato il “Play-ground”. La seconda parte contiene parole di Sri Aurobindo sulla Madre, su quello che è la Madre. Ora questo prezioso documento viene riproposto in formato ebook da Auro e-Books.

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The Mother’s Agenda (Full English Text)

Mother's Agenda

The Mother’s Agenda

The Mother’s Agenda is the complete logbook of her exploration in the cellular consciousness of her body, recorded by Satprem, a disciple of the Mother, in the course of numerous personal conversations with her. It covers 23 years of experiences which parallel some of the most recent theories of modern physics, and are perhaps the key to man’s passage to the next species.

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