New Art Gallery: Following the Inner Light (Desktop Wallpapers)


Gallery: Following the Inner Light

Dear friends!

My name is Krishna (Ukrainian Aurovilian). Me and my wife Sungheui (Korean Aurovilian) created together series of insirational digital art pictures dedicated to Sri Aurobindo’s poem Savitri: A legend and a Symbol. We are offerring you Gallery “Following the Inner Light” with these art images which have a size of computer desktop wallpapers, so you can share with us the joy of Savitri inspiration.

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Book Update: Conversations with Sri Aurobindo by Pavitra (free ebook)

Conversations with Sri Aurobindo by Pavitra

We updated book “Conversations with Sri Aurobindo” in “Open Library” which presently available in epub, mobi and pdf formats. Fixed broken links to ebook files, added pdf format, styles reformatting.

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Book Update: Elements of Yoga by Sri Aurobindo (free ebook)

Elements of Yoga by Sri Aurobindo

We updated book “Elements of Yoga” in “Open Library” which presently available in epubmobi and pdf formats. Added pdf format, redesigned book cover, minor styles formatting.

Enjoy reading!

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Pitfalls in Sadhana

Pitfalls in Sadhana by M.P. Pandit

Pitfalls in Sadhana

It the book “Pitfalls in Sadhana” M.P. Pandit speaks about overcoming difficulties in the practice of the integral yoga of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.

  • I. Meditation — Work — Reading
  • II. Rituals — Emotions — Psychic
  • III. Obsessions — Defects — Desires

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Readings in Savitri Volume 6

Readings in Savitri Volume 6 by M.P. Pandit

Readings in Savitri, Volume 6

Sri Aurobindo’s epic poem Savitri: A Legend and a Symbol spans more than 900 pages and covers the gamut of human life and aspiration, the meaning of existence and the evolutionary development of consciousness. M.P. Pandit has systematically gone verse by verse through this epic and highlighted the sense and opened the meaning to us with his brief commentary or meditation on the themes thus revealed. Sri Pandit was secretary to the Mother of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram. He wrote and lectured extensively on Sri Aurobindo’s yoga and the Mother’s transformational work.

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