Man After Man

Man after Man by Satprem

Man After Man by Satprem

“Man After Man” is a shortened book version of the 2.5 hour long interview with Satprem by David Montemurri, a film maker for Italian TV. It was filmed in 1981, in the Nilgiris, the Blue Mountains of southern India, where Satprem and his companion Sujata were living.

The production of the eBook was made possible by the ‘Flamme d’Altérité’ Association in collaboration with Auro-eBooks.

The interview, recorded more than 30 years ago, may appear to take place in an ‘outdated’ political and social context, but Satprem’s answers, of a rare lucidity and full of empathy, remain absolutely acute, powerful and pertinent. The main trend of the interview centers on the future of humanity, particularly: What will be Man after man?

“We erect around us the bronze walls of our infallible laws, which are only the temporary hallucinations of a terrestrial species on its way towards the Truth of the Earth.” – Satprem

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Books Update: The Bhagavat Gita and The Riddle of this World by Sri Aurobindo

The Bhagavad Gita The Riddle of This World

After receiving valuable feedback of readers of our website we updated two books The Bhagavat Gita,  The Riddle of this World which presently available  in epubmobi and pdf formats.

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A way of exploring Human Unity in Auro e-Books


The Auro e-Books Project is an efficient meeting of good-will, intention and aspiration to achieve technical perfection and maintain a “conscious presence” during the work so as to reveal as much as possible our highest possibilities.

It is a laboratory of evolution and consciousness, of brotherhood and sharing. There are no set limits of time (everyone gives to the project as much as she/he can), nor of space (we use Skype, e-mail, and social networks to work together).

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