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M P Pandit (Madhav Pundalik Pandit) was born in 1918 in Sirsi, Karnataka and joined the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in 1939 after graduating from the University of Bombay. From his earliest days in the Ashram, he served as personal secretary to The Mother, who became the entire focus of his life. With encouragement from The Mother, Sri Pandit served as Chairman of World Union International and edited its journal, in addition to The Advent and his own monthly Service Letter. His writing career spanned six decades, publishing over one hundred fifty books and innumerable prized reviews in the leading Indian journals of the day. The scope of his interests was immense, extending from a basis in spirituality into fields as diverse as polity, psychology, science, religion and more. Sri Pandit’s books possess a global appeal and have made Sri Aurobindo’s Yoga accessible to a larger public. After the Mother’s passing in 1973, he responded to earnest calls from around the world and travelled extensively both in India and the West, leaving gratitude in his wake and strengthening the spiritual aspirations of all who met him. Fusing the ancient with the modern and life with spirituality, Sri Pandit was a symbol of synthesis.

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David Frawley on M P Pandit

How I Became A Hindu – My Discovery of Vedic Dharma by David Frawley

David FrawleyAfter finishing this Vedic study I had no idea what to do with it. Fortunately, through a personal friend I came into contact with M P Pandit, the secretary of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram. I had long admired Pandit’s many books on the Vedas, Tantra, Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. M P Pandit was perhaps the foremost scholar of Indian spirituality, not from an academic view but from a real understanding and inner experience that spanned the entire tradition. If anyone could appreciate what I was doing, it was he. I first visited M P Pandit in San Francisco in the summer of 1979. I brought my writings on the Vedas and Upanishads and explained my approach to him. What I received from him in return went far beyond my expectations. M P Pandit was a calm and concentrated person, with a penetrating vision. He listened carefully before making any comments. Instead of trying to influence me he was quite receptive and open to what I was attempting. I told him that I was not an academic but doing the work from an inner motivation and an intuitive view. He said that it was better that I was not an academic because I would not repeat their same old mistakes and could gain a fresh view of the subject. M P Pandit strongly encouraged me to continue my work, offering his full support. He called my Vedic work my “Divine mission,” that I should follow out. He said both to my surprise and my honor that he would get my writings published in India. This greatly increased my enthusiasm in what I was doing, which up to that point appeared to be some obscure personal study, perhaps relevant to no one. He asked me to mail him some of my writings in India as he would be returning to India in a few months. Over the next few months I wrote a new book on the Rig Veda called Self-realization and the Super mind in the Rig Veda and sent it to him. The manuscript was over five hundred pages long and consisted of translations and interpretations of many different Suktas, particularly those to Indra. I had worked on it day and night during that period. He serialized the book first in World Union and later in the Advent, major Sri Aurobindo Ashram journals from 1980-1984. Later I sent M P Pandit various chapters of the Shukla Yajur Veda, which I similarly translated and interpreted in a spiritual (adhyatmic) light. This he had serialized in Sri Aurobindo’s Action. M P Pandit also got my book Creative Vision of the Early Upanishads published in India. His help was crucial in establishing my work as a writer in the Vedic field, without which it would have been probably consigned to my desk.Along with M P Pandit came the additional gift of the grace of the Mother of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram. After contacting M P Pandit I could also feel the Mother’s energy and presence around me. She was close by and would quickly appear to my inner vision, guiding me in various ways. Even today I can feel her nearby my consciousness whenever I think of her. This was not something I cultivated but came of its own accord.

Bibliography of M.P. PANDIT

M.P. Pandit, A peep into his Past by P.Raja

Unless otherwise mentioned, all titles given below are from DIPTI Publications, Sri Aurobindo Ashram. Pondicherry-605 002, India. The year of publication is included under the main entry for each book. Entries in brackets are of later editions.

1950. Grace of the Great and Other Essays (1963; 1989)
1952. Mystic Approach to the Veda and the Upanishad (1966; 1974)
1957. Sri Aurobindo: Studies in the Light of His Thought
1958. Aditi and Other Deities in the Veda (1970)
1959. Japa (1961; 1971; 1977; 1986; 1991)
1959. Kundalini Yoga (1962; 1968; 1979; 1993)
1959. The Teachings of Sri Aurobindo (1964; 1978; 1990)
1960. Dhyana (1967; 1972; 1976; 1986; 1990)
1960. Highways of God
1961. Burning Brazin (1974)
1961. Where the Wings of Glory Brood (1976)
1962. Sadhana in Sri Aurobindo’s Yoga (1964)
1962. Voice of the Self
1963. Lamps of Light (1975)
1963. The Mother on India
1964. Current Problems
1965. Gems from Sri Aurobindo—First Series (1968)
1965. Kularnava Tantra (1973)
1965. The Mother of Love—Vol.I (1972; 1989)
1965. The Mother of Love—Vol.II (1972; 1990)
1966. Dictionary of Sri Aurobindo’s Yoga (1973; 1992)
1966. Gems from Sri Aurobindo—Second Series
1966. Gems from Sri Aurobindo—Third Series
1966. Glossary of Sanskrit Terms in Sri Aurobindo’s Works (1973)
1966. Light from Sri Aurobindo (1970; 1989; 1990)
1966. The Mother of Love—Vol.Ill (1972; 1990)
1966. Reminiscences and Anecdotes of Sri Aurobindo (1990)
1966. Shining Harvest
1966. Studies in the Tantra and the Veda (1967)
1967. Sri Aurobindo on the Tantra (1970; 1972)
1967. God
1967. Guide to Upanishads
1967. Key to Vedic Symbolism (1973)
1967. Light from the Gita
1967. The Mother of Love—Vol.IV
1969. The Call and the Grace (1975)
1969. Culture in Yoga
1969. Demands of Sadhana
1969. Essence of the Upanishads (1976)
1969. Gems from Sri Aurobindo—Fourth Series (1976)
1969. Gems from the Tantras—First Series
1969. Gleanings from the Upanishads (1976)
1969. Readings in Savitri—Vol.I (1988)
1970. Gems from the Tantras—Second Series (1976)
1970. Readings in Savitri—Vol.II (1989)
1970. Readings in Savitri—Vol.III
1971. Epigrams from Savitri
1971. Readings in Savitri—Vol.IV
1971. Readings in Savitri—Vol.V
1972. Sri Aurobindo: A Survey (1974)
1972. Bases of Tantra Sadhana (1977; 1991)
1973. Adoration of the Divine Mother
1973. Breath of Grace
1973. Readings in Savitri—Vol.VI
1973. Readings in Savitri—Vol.VII
1973. What Life Has Taught Me
1974. An Homage and a Pledge
1974. Meditations
1974. Project Universal Man
1974. Readings in Savitri—Vol.VIII
1975. All Life is Yoga
1975. Sri Aurobindo and the Mother: An Introduction
1975. Champaklal Speaks (1976)
1975. Dialogties and Perspectives
1975. Memorable Moments with the Mother
1975. Readings in Savitri—Vol.IX
1975. Sidelights on the Mother (1976; 1988; 1990)
1975. Something Else, Something More
1975. Under the Mother’s Banner
1976. Champaklal’s Treasures
1976. Dynamics of Yoga—Part I
1976. Singapore Chapter
1976. Yoga in Savitri
1976. The Yoga of Works
1977. Dynamics of Yoga—Part II
1977. Lights on the Tantra
1977. Readings in Savitri—Vol.X (with Index)
1977. Thoughts of a Shakta
1977. Yoga for Modern Man
1978. Dynamics of Yoga—Part III
1979. Occult Lines Behind Life (USA: Auromere)
1979. Sat-Sang—Vol.I
1980. How do I Begin? (1984; 1985; 1986; 1988; 1992)
1981. Talks on the Life Divine
1981. Yoga of Love (USA: Lotus Light Publications; 1982)
1982. Deathless Rose (1990)
1982. Heart of Sadhana (1992)
1982. How do I Proceed (1987, 1990)
1982. Introducing Savitri (1992)
1982. Sat-Sang—Vol.II
1983. Sri Aurobindo: A Biography (Delhi: Publica¬tions Division)
1983. Bases of Sadhana
1983. Book of Beginnings
1983. Call to America
1983. Commentaries on the Mother’s Ministry—Vol.I
1983. Commentaries. on. the. Mother’s. Ministry—Vol.II
1983. Integral Perfection: Talks in Sri Lanka (Sri Lanka: V. Murugesu)
1983. Spritual Life: Philosophy and Practice
1983. Yoga of Self-Perfection
1984. Mother and I
1984. A Savitri Dictionary
1985. Commentaries. on. the. Mother’s. Ministry—Vol.III
1985. Legends in the Life Divine 1985 Life Beautiful (1987; 1989; 1992)
1985. More on Tantras (Delhi: Sterling Publishers)
1986. Book of the Divine Mother 1986 Sat-Sang—Vol.III
1986. Sat-Sang—Vol.IV
1986. Spiritual Communion
1986. Versatile Genius: Sri T.V. Kapali Sastriar
1986. The Yoga of Knowledge (USA: Lotus Light Publications)
1987. Sri Aurobindo and His Yoga (USA: Lotus Light Publications)
1987. Concept of Man in Sri Aurobindo
1987. Master and Disciple: S. Duraisamy Aiyar
1987. Pitfalls in Sadhana
1987. Sat-Sang—Vol.V
1987. Savitri: Talks in Germany
1987. Sidelights on Sri Aurobindo
1987. Traditions in Mysticism (Delhi: Sterling Pub¬lishers)
1987. Traditions in Occultism (Delhi: Sterling Pub¬lishers)
1988. Commentaries on Sri Aurobindo’s Thought— Vol.I
1988. Commentaries on Sri Aurobindo’s Thought— Vol.II
1988. Commentaries on the Mother’s Ministry— Vol.IV
1988. Guide to the Life Divine
1988. Introducing the Life Divine
1988. Mighty Impersonality (1992)
1988. Talks on Life Divine—Vol.II
1988. Tell us of the Mother
1988. Traditions in Sadhana (Delhi: Sterling Publi¬shers)
1988. Upanishads: Gateways of Knowledge (USA: Lotus Light Publications)
1988. Vedic Symbolism
1988. Wisdom of the Upanishads
1989. Art of Living (1990)
1989. Commentaries on Sri Aurobindo’s Thought— Vol.III
1989. Education: Some Thoughts
1989. The Indian Spirit
1989. Meditations on the Divine Mother
1989. Sat-Sang—Vol.VI
1989. Vedic Deities (USA: Lotus Light Publications)
1989. Yoga of Transformation
1990. The Mother and Her Mission
1990. Thoughts on the Gita
1990. Vedic Wisdom
1990. Wisdom of the Veda (USA: Lotus Light Publica¬tions)
1991. Sat-Sang—Vol.VlI
1991. Towards Universal Man
1992. Commentaries on Sri Aurobindo’s Thought— Vol.IV
1992. An Early Chapter in the Mother’s Life
1992. Wisdom of the Gita—Vol.I
1992. Wisdom of the Gita—Vol.II

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