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Auro e-Books: books on spirituality and well-being.Auro e-Books is an International Digital Bookstore/Library dedicated to e-books on Spirituality and Well-Being. The home of Auro e-Books is Auroville, South India.

The aim of Auro e-Books is to produce e-books on spirituality and well-being, to promote authors in these fields and disseminate their works in digital formats both through its own e-book online website and through the network of other digital online bookstores such as Amazon, iBooks, Barnes and Kobo.

Contemporary digital devices, such as book readers (Kindle), Tablets (iPad) and Smartphones provide effective accessibility for reading and studying. With their small size and lightweight they can be carried anywhere and the availability of inbuilt or online dictionaries in many languages makes it easy to look up word meaning. A huge number of books can be stored on a small digital chip and instantly accessed. These new technical developments allow to utilize these devices for the facilitation of spiritual practice and research. Many spiritual seekers may not be well informed about these technical developments, and there are yet relatively few existing e-books in the field of spirituality.

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eBook Categories:

  • Free e-Library (Public Domain)

    • books with expired copyright (such as the writings of Sri Aurobindo and other writers);
    • books offered for free distribution by authors and copyright holders.
  • Book Store (Copyright Domain)

    • Sri Aurobindo Ashram publications (works of Sri Aurobindo and Mother);
    • Auroville authors and publishers;
    • Aditi Publications (Sri Aurobindo’s and the Mother’s works in Russian);
    • Lotus Press (Books on Integral Yoga, Reiki and Ayurveda);
    • Mira Aditi Publications (Books by Satprem);
    • Stichting Aurofonds (Books by Georges van Vrekhem);
    • Sri Aurobindo Society publications;
    • other authors and publishers on related subjects as well book translations.

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  • Visitors (readers) interested in spirituality

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  • Authors and publishers for publishing eBooks

    • e-book production;
    • book scanning and OCR;
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  • Sadhaks for an opportunity in Karmayoga

    • proofreading and text formatting;
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    • graphical design for website and books;
    • translating project into other languages;
    • public events and presentations.

eBook Formats:

  • ePub

    which includes iBooks, Barnes, Sony and Kobo stores

  • mobi

    the current format of Kindle book reader from Amazon.com

  • pdf

    which appeals to the general digital reader on multiple digital platforms